Mindfulness is a part of everything we do at Inside Out Meditation.  Every class has a component of mindfulness that will teach you how to be present and be in the now.

Choose one or a series of classes below for your group of 6 or more, or talk to me about crafting one specific to your group needs.

group of women meditating

Focus + Concentration

This is a Breathwork class, great for beginners and seasoned meditators alike. How often do you find yourself saying the word “busy”? This word carries a lot of weight, and let’s face it, with growth of technology you are expected to be accessible 24/7, you are constantly connected to the outside world, and you forget about YOU. You can improve your quality of life by taking a moment to slow down, way down. You will be guided in this class to tame your monkey mind, and all the mental chatter that plagues you from the moment you wake until you check out. This class helps to maximize cognitive resilience, improve working memory & productivity, boost intellectual intelligence, develop clarity, increasing performance, giving you permission to focus on what it is you need to, in the moment, today. You will be guided through simple breathing techniques that will show you how your very breath from the Inside Out, can help you to be more present and get more shit done.

Heart + Happy

Do you want more happiness? Are you filled with gratitude daily? Do you find yourself stuck in repeating patterns in one or more relationship in your life? Do you just want to feel the embrace and warmth of loving acceptance? Shower yourself and others with love. Feel the sensations of warmth and lightness this class brings. You will learn to be more open to give and thankful to receive. This Loving-kindness class will warm you from the Inside Out and help you to develop compassion for yourself and others, (even that person you can’t stand!). You will be guided to look inside yourself and be curious about your thoughts from a non-judgemental perspective. When we do the work to love oneself from the inside, all that surrounds you on the outside will benefit and your life will be more fulfilling and you will have more gratitude for all that is. See your relationships transform and be the happiest person in the room.

Emotions + Calm

Stress, anxiety, overwhelm. We all experience any one of these feelings at various times in our lives, often all intricately woven together. De-stress with this class, learn to manage anxiety and overwhelm through mindfulness techniques. Meditation is scientifically proven to reduce stress and lower anxiety. Learn to manage what life brings in a way that will free you from binding emotions that if left unchecked, lead to dis-ease. You will be guided to forget all that is past, and all that hasn’t yet happened. With regular practice, You will be peace and calm. Tap in to and increase your emotional intelligence. Be who you are meant to be from the Inside Out.

Energy + Boost

How often do you say you are tired? Are you running around taking care of everyone but yourself? Are you a parent, caregiver, medical professional, law professional, teacher? Do you bring your work day home with you? Does the word “burnt out” or “frayed nerves” resonate? With the help of visualization techniques, you will be guided through a journey releasing what isn’t yours to hold, grounding oneself and reclaiming what is yours. Learn how to manage your energy so that you live life lighter. With this practice you will unlock and connect to your body, the energy centers within and experience the change it creates from the Inside Out.

Sleep + Relax

Do you experience insomnia or have difficulty getting to sleep? Do you just want to simply relax? You will be guided into a state of deep relaxation where you will learn how to calm the mind to help ease yourself into a state of bliss. You will learn to give yourself permission to completely let go.

Release + Freedom

Do you experience self-doubt? Do you want to be the best at what you know you can do but just need an extra push? Learn to release limiting beliefs, build resilience, be creative and simply be the best version of yourself you can be.