As your meditation coach, I am here to walk with you on your personal journey as you venture down new paths, climb new mountains, and shed the weight of expectations, doubts and subconscious beliefs.  I am here to support you and challenge you by asking the questions you’d least likely want to hear that have the power to impact you in incredible ways.

You will go from wandering the path of life without aim or focus to staring at your own life with wonder and you hone in on what you need most to live your most authentic and beautiful life.

What is a Meditation Coach and Why would you need one?

I will coach you in the practice of meditation, and how you can continue to use this skill to guide yourself well into your future. I will teach you the basics, how to get started so that you may receive the many benefits of meditation that include; increased energy, focus, calm, clarity, to name just a few.  You can read more about the benefits in FAQ.

Guiding You

The purpose of meditation is self-discovery/self-realization and liberation.  This requires oneself to embark on a personal journey, to come back to your true self, before societal, parental, cultural and spiritual beliefs took hold and most often subconsciously shaped you.  As you begin this journey, a lot of things will come up for you, and it helps to have a coach with you, walking along your side, holding space for you.  In this space, I will guide you to look at everything you need to look at, process what you need to process, and I will help you integrate your insights and understandings all while keeping you on track to realize your intentions to meet your personal goals and dreams.


Meditation coaching accelerates the process of self-awareness and self-awakening, from within You.  It most often involves healing and it is a multi-faceted process as you start to focus on yourself, your own needs and your own goals.  There is an acceleration in healing that happens through the combination of meditation and coaching, helping to enhance your discovery process.  Whatever you do in life, your profession, together with the practice of meditation – the people you connect with, you work with, will too benefit from your ability to remain calm amidst chaos and your ability to remain laser focused when you are being challenged and face confusion – so that you can achieve what it is you want to achieve.

Get Answers

You have the access to your own answers.  As your coach, I will hold space for you to get in touch with your own answers.  You are an integral part of the process as we walk this path together.  As your coach, I will guide you towards your own truth and wisdom.  I will help you develop a daily practice and hold you accountable to your life’s goals and intentions.  We will have an open and dynamic exchange that is co-directed.

A single session may begin with a brief guided meditation so you will become accustomed to meditation on your own.  This too will allow you to be more receptive to going deeper into your coaching session to access your intuition.  I may also facilitate a guided meditation during the session with powerful coaching questions, leading you towards what is there for you, your own answers and insights so that YOU can determine what is most important to you, from the Inside Out.

Contact me today so we may discuss what it is you need.  All sessions are available via Zoom (videoconferencing) or in person where requested.