Hi, I’m Jill Hart!

I am here to support you and challenge you by asking the questions you’d least likely want to hear that have the power to impact you in incredible ways.

You will go from wandering the many paths of life without aim or focus to staring at your own life with wonder as you hone in on what you need most to live your most authentic and beautiful life.

My mission is to inspire and make it easy for busy skeptics to modern soul seekers to

Breathe, Chill, and Be Still.

Jill’s Story

Loss of self. Disconnected. Anxiety. Depression. Stress. Overwhelm

These are words that once described how Jill was experiencing life.

3 of the top life stressors all in the span of 2 years:  Cancer diagnosis, marriage breakdown, and the death of her dad.  Then the 4th one came, pressure to get back working when her profession had taken a downward turn and there were no jobs.  Plagued by self-doubt, “Why Me?  Why would anyone want to hire me?  I just had cancer, I can’t promise it’s not all gone.  I will get cancer again.  I haven’t worked since family decision to retire & stay home to take care of the kids”, with fierce competition for few positions and belief she was no longer a desirable candidate for organizations after a lapse in employment, Jill was left confused, depressed and anxious.  She identified herself first as a mom, second as a cancer patient followed by divorcee.  Without seeing her children for periods of time as a result of her divorce, she was completely lost.  What followed was an emotional breakdown.

Jill was paralyzed by feelings of hopelessness, deeply questioning the meaning of life and her place in it.

Steve:  “There was this day when she didn’t answer the phone, and that was unusual.  This had me deeply concerned so I went over to her house to check on her and I found her collapsed on the bathroom floor, crying uncontrollably.  I had never seen her this way before.  It scared me.  She was completely shattered.”

That was not the first, nor would it be her last battle with overwhelm and an emotional breakdown.

Jill felt completely alone in this world despite the fact she was surrounded by caring friends, family, and a loving partner.

Jill: “Instead of focusing on what I had, I focused on what I did not.  I had such caring friends who encouraged gratitude but I just didn’t know what that looked like.  I couldn’t connect, or grasp it.  And I had so much to be grateful for!  I felt so deeply disconnected.  I felt the only thing I had to live for was the 2 beautiful humans I created and I existed solely for them.  I mostly identified with being a mom and I felt the pressure cooker of the expectations of the outside world and extraneous variables weighing me down, demanding that I figure my shit out, and I just couldn’t.”

The most ironic things was the outside world saw what they wanted to see.  A smiling, happy Jill.  A mom living a beautiful life who fought cancer and won.  Far from the reality of what Jill was feeling and experiencing on the inside.

Starting with her cancer diagnosis, many times over the ensuing years, Jill would ignore the whispers in her mind that pointed her towards meditation until one day, she read an old journal entry where she had brainstormed about owning a meditation studio.  She had no recollection of writing this, the idea was completely dismissed, a reflection of her state of being when she wrote it just 2 years prior.  It was no longer whispers she heard but a loud, irrefutable voice telling her it was time.  Inside Out Meditation was born in this moment.

Having an education degree, a teaching background and genuine interest in wellness reflected through her 10+ years in the pharmaceutical industry, Jill instinctively knew she wanted to teach what she was yearning to learn.  Within weeks she was enrolled in a meditation coaching and training program that resonated, and within a month she was training to become a certified meditation coach & trainer that allowed her to study from home and continue to be present for her children.

Jill on “What I know for sure”:

  1.  It is often referred to as transformation.  A lasting change in one’s state of being.  Meditation has provided this gift to me.  My daily experiences now include love, hope, joy, focus, calm, peace and gratitude.  It does take work though.  I engage in a daily meditation practice.  When I skip my morning meditation because let’s face it, life gets busy, I feel the effects.  My day ends up messy, sticky, with loose ends everywhere.
  2. I can better manage strong emotions.  I have less of them and now have the tools I need, through the simplicity of my breath, to remain calm amidst chaos.
  3. I have regained my purpose in life.
  4. While I strongly believe pharmaceuticals have their place in curing and healing, especially in acute situations, there is ample room in many chronic conditions for meditation as an addition to help better manage your condition.  The power of the mind to heal our bodies is evident.  By no means is meditation meant to replace medication being prescribed.  Always listen to your doctor before discontinuing prescribed medication.

I believe in the ability to rewire our brains.

If I can do it, so can you!

Be the change your life deserves.

Make meditation part of your health routine one breath at a time.