Most of us need someone to help set life goals, and hold us accountable for how we choose to be, and to explore ways we can be free to live our true self, our true purpose without judgement.  This is not always an easy task given the social, spiritual and familial constructs that have become interwoven into our being.  Deconstructing and finding oneself takes effort, patience, love, forgiveness, insight – not only for ourselves, but for those who unknowingly (and knowingly) contributed to our sense of self, self-worth and our beliefs.  Often beliefs of not being good enough, of being a failure, not being special, deserving of what comes our way – both good things and bad.  Instead of having an outlook of shit happens, “this is what I learned from…” and “this is what I can do now…”, one can spiral into the abyss of the rabbit hole.

What is your inner voice saying to you?  What stories about yourself keep replaying in your mind?  We all have one or several.  It can be an emotional block you cannot get past, or it can simply be the push you need to live a more fulfilled life at home or at work.

Having the right coach to guide you through this self-discovery process, to demonstrate and teach you meditation styles, to hold you accountable and challenge you, to teach you the practice of compassionate awareness, will give you the space you need to transform.  Transform into the person you are meant to be.  Your true potential will be re-discovered, when the layers are peeled back like an onion, when you are asked questions you are least likely to ask yourself.  Meditation allows for an opportunity to find our true self when you are provided the opportunity to slow down and focus your attention inward.  A meditation coach will help guide you on YOUR journey, to take your power back, so you can lead a more happy, calm, productive and focused life.  Through meditation and self-inquiry, your coach will help you discover yourself and the abundance that surrounds you so you can live your life with more purpose and clarity.